Or'kam a Temujai military commander under General Haz'kam's invasion force. He was in charge of a plot with the traitorous Slagor to bring 150 Temajai troops behind enemy lines in a wolfship


Oakleaf BearersEdit

Slagor, a disliked Skandian skirl, made plans with Or'kam to land a surprise attack behind the Skandian lines. Two boats docked at Fallkork Island would sail to Sand Creek Bay and load 150 Temujai. There they would attack Hallosholm from behind. While Slagor made his way to his boat, Evanlyn, noticing his suspisous behavior, followed him and stowed away on his ship. There she overheard the entire plan and reported back to Halt and Will. They arrested Slagor and decided to trap Or'kam's men.

They sailed to Sand Creek Bay and pretended to be the Skandians that were going to pick the Temajai up. Although suspicious at first, Or'kam had no choice but to go along. The wolfship sailed through a particularly rough sea. When they landed at Fallkork Island, the Temajai leaped to dry land and the wolfship standed them on the island, along with Or'kam. The fate of Or'kam and these Temajai is unknown but if they didn't find a way to get off the island, they probably woudn't have lasted long.


Or'kam's force to strike from behind was an extra advantage that Haz'kam never expected to have. Even without that surprise attack, Haz'kam was confident at his victory at the Battle of Skandia. If anything, the failure of the surprise attack showing up helped alert Haz'kam that the Skandians had outside help and that Colonel Bin'zak's information was wrong.