Tug, who Old Bob gave to Will

Bob Saddler I, commonly referred to as Old Bob, was a Ranger horse breeder.

Horse Breeder Edit

Old Bob is in charge of the ranger's horses. He was the one who gave Will his horse Tug, Halt his horse Abelard, Maddie her horse Bumper, and many more.

It is not known on how he got the job. Later in the series he retires and his son Young Bob takes over his job.

The Ruins of Gorlan

Old Bob appears in the Ruins of Gorlan when Halt and Will go to fetch their horses.  Halt had purposefully left Abelard with Bob so Will will focus more on his other Ranger studies. 

Old Bob gives Will Tug and the two develop on instant friendship despite Will being thrown off his back.  Old Bob teaches Will how to look after his horse and is impressed with the boy's natural riding ability.

The Lost StoriesEdit

Old Bob appears again in the Wolf.  When Tug is injured Will takes him to the horse breeder and leaves Tug to heal with the man.  Bob tries his best to heal Tug but there is little he can do and Tug will always walk with a limp.  He then gives Will a new horse, one identical to Tug and with the same name while the original Tug was renamed Bellerophon.

The Royal RangerEdit

Old Bob is said to be deaf now, and has passed the job of horse breeder to his son, Young Bob, who is still quite old.  It is not known where he lives.


He often says that he has spent so long around horses he has almost become one, which is true in his case; in the book, he reaches over and munches an apple much like one. He walks in a bow-legged stance, from his many years spent in the saddle.

Old Bob is quite dirty, but has very bright eyes and is very kind to everyone.

He is clearly very knowledgeable on the subject of horses and may be one of the people responsible for devising the ingenuous breeding program the ranger's use.

Trivia Edit

  • In The Tournament at Gorlan, he was referred to as "Young Bob" by the Rangers. This may be implying that he was not actually Bob Saddler the first, but rather one in a long line of Bobs.