A compass - identical to a Northseeker.

Northseeker is the name given to compasses in Ranger's Apprentice. They are standard Ranger equipment. Will Treaty used one to navigate through the desert in Erak's Ransom.


It is a magnetized sliver of steel, set inside a protective case and allowed to swivel freely. There is a sighting aperture on the northseeker, which allows the person using it to find a landmark in the distance to navigate towards. The Northseeker was created by the Skandians.

Notable UsesEdit

Will used this to navigate through the Arridi desert in Erak's Ransom, searching for Tug after he was lost in a sandstorm. The mountains of ironstone he passes attract the Northseeker's needle and he is put off course. He loses his way and almost dies before being saved by Umar.