Norgate Fief is a medium-sized fief in the Kingdom of Araluen, at the North. Its castle, Castle Norgate, is large and has many troops garrisoning it (it is described as more of a fort than a castle). The weather in winter is very cold, icy and snowy. In the winter, jongleurs and minstrels avoid it, making it sometimes completely devoid of entertainment. The fief is unique in Araluen, in that there are two castles in it - at the very north, on the border with Picta and the wild Scotti Tribes, is a separate shire, with Castle Macindaw guarding the Macindaw Border. It was ruled by Lord Syron, but he was taken ill, poisoned by his illegitimate nephew Sir Keren, and his son, Lord Orman is the temporary Lord of the Castle. There are many soldiers in Macindaw too, and many Craftmasters. Meralon, a stiff-necked and stubborn man, was the former Ranger of Norgate. He was eventually replaced by Gilan, and later Harrison, when Gilan was reassigned to Whitby Fief.

The Siege of Macindaw I

Castle Macindaw in the Landscape.