Nit'zak was General Haz'kam's deputy commander and appears in the Oakleaf Bearers, He is the Secondary Main Antagonist in Oakleaf Bearers. He takes place in the Battle for Skandia and is a Temujai. He first appears when he informs Haz'kam about surprising Skandian attacks from the sea and mountains. Haz'kam is very disturbed by this and tells Nit'zak to keep the formations even thought it slowed the Temujai down.

He later sees fire in the air and wants to go help the Temujai who were going after the Skandians, but realizes that the raiders would be gone by the time he would get there. After that he also makes an appearance when Haz'kam was calculating the casualties during the Battle for Skandia. He tells Haz'kam that even thought the losses were bad, it was not a catastrophe. However, Haz'kam realized that if the battle stayed like it was, they could lose half of their soldiers and rebukes his deputy for being so simple-minded. Nit'zak is very angered by this and so asks Haz'kam about their last chance.

Nit'zak is put in charge of a group of sixty Kaijin, a full Ulan, whose job is to kill all the archers that Will had been put in charge of. During the battle, he ends up with a clear shot at Evanlyn, but Will kills him by throwing his saxe knife at him.

Nit'zak is described as being a good and capable leader out in the field but lacks some qualities that would make him a commanding general.