Map of Northern Nihon-Ja

The Nihon-Jan
are a race of people from the south. They are based in the country of Nihon-Ja and are first mentioned in book ten: The Emperor of Nihon-Ja.


Emperor Shigeru

Emperor Shigeru of Nihon-Ja

the system in Nihon-Ja works something akin to that of Araluen, just more harsher and disciplined, particularly for the lower classes.

The people are ruled over by an Emperor, similar to the Emperor of Japan, and under him are Lords (Daimyos in Nihon-Jan) then under them are Senshi, equivalent to the Samurai of Japan.

The KikoriEdit

The Kikori are the woodcutters of the Nihon-Jan peasant society, and live in the mountains of Nihon-Ja. They live in villages located in the mountains, and speak Nihon-Jan, albeit with a strong regional accent. The Kikori are strong and highly disciplined, which are both traits needed to work in a team of lumberjacks. In The Emperor of Nihon-Ja, Will Treaty recruits a large amount of Kikori and trains them to fight using the techniques he saw in Toscana.



Arisaka, the rebel lord

Nihon-Jans mainly use katanas , long, curved swords but also use recurve bows  and axes (in the case of the Kikori. ).