There are numerous nations in the world of Ranger's Apprentice. 

List of Nationalities:Edit

Will iceboundland

Will is an Araluen

  • Araluens - They live in Araluen and are the race most of the main protagonists are from.
  • Skandians - They live in Skandia in the north and are often large and strong, faithful friends, and dreaded enemies. They are extraordinary sailors and invented the wolfship, which they use often in coastal raidings. When angered, they can go into "berserker mode" and kill everything in sight, untill stopped by another Skandian.They fight with the broadax and are based on the Skandinavian people (except for the Laps). They are the equivelent of Vikings and live in Scandvia.
  • Arridi - They are a race of olive-coloured people from Arrida in the south. They are based on the Arabian people and rival the Temujai in battle.
  • Bedullin - They are a people of desert striders in the deserts of Arrida. They are based on the Berbers and Touaregs. 
  • Gallicans - They come from Gallica and are based on the French. Some of the Gallican language is actually French, including Arratez, or Halt.
  • Celts - People who originate from Celtica and are based after the medieval Celts. The Celts speak the Araluen tongue and are hard to tell apart from the Araluens
  • Hibernians - They come from Hibernia in the west and are based on the Irish. Halt is actually an Hibernian prince.
  • Nihon-Jans - They come from Nihon-Ja in the far east and are based on the Japanese and are skilled swordsmen, but don't threaten Araluen because of their isolation. They discovered how to harden steel to make Saxe knives, Arradi sabers, and other hardened steel weapons.
    • Kikori - Timberworkers which live in the northern mountainous parts of Nihon-Ja. They are loyal to Shigeru, the Emperor.
  • Temujai - They are a nomadic people from the Eastern Steppes and are based on the Mongols or another nomadic people in Central Asia, and are also very fierce warriors that fight with recurve bows from horseback. Halt stole a pack of Temujai horses, which were bred to eventually make the Ranger horses.
  • Scotti - Based of the Scottish, it is arranged like the UK: Araluens-England, Scotti-Scotland and Hiberians-Ireland. Araleun at the bottom, Scotti above them on the same Island and Hiberian is off to the left and to the far right Europe  
  • Toscans -  Hailing from Toscano, they are based off of medieval Italians. The Toscan city of Genovesa (Based off of the real life city of Genoa) is the home of the world-renowned Genovesan Assassins.
  • Wargals - Large creatures that look like a  bear or large dog-like creature with a snout and dark hair. They have low intelligence and can be controlled by those with a higher mental capacity than them, such as Morgarath.
  • Kalkara - A creature who seems to be a cross between a bear and an ape, whose eyes freeze those who look into them in terror.  Their fur is coated with fair amount of gel which is a powerful armor. This gel is highly flammable, so they are mostly killed with flaming arrow. They are one minded, so they can only do one thing at a time.  They are obsessed with silver and will do anything for the precious metal.
  • Helenese - Based off of the Greeks. The Greek culture is called Hellenic.