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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Lost Stories.

Mordini appears in The Lost Stories: The Bridal Dance.


Mordini was one of the two Genovesan assassins, along with Serafino, who was hired to kill Cassandra, the Crown Princess of Araluen. Both were hired by the Arridi, Iqbal. He, along the way, killed Robard, the man supplying information during this particular job. Whether Robard was aware of the nature of their presence is unknown.


As a Genovesan Assassin, Mordini would have been trained in the arts of stealth and secrecy. He would likely have a considerable knowledge of poisons, and skill with both the crossbow and other various weapons. Mordini probably had several knives hidden on his person in case his mission went badly and he was forced to take on his target/enemies in close combat. Mordini was also likely to have had a great fear of his own weapons, particularly the poisons.