Mikkel is the deceased father of Hal and was married to Karina, a freed Araluen slave.


He was a member of Erak's crew aboard The Wolfwind before Erak became an Oberjarl. Mikkel was best friends with Thorn, a warrior who was the Maktig three times running.

He was killed after a raid, hit by a javelin in the side, it is assumed it was thrown by a frustrated citizen after the retreat of the Iberian horsemen. This raid was right before Karina, his wife, was to have a child. His last words were extracting a promise from Thorn to watch over his wife and son. After helping Thorn scare away the horsemen, he was talking about the success when a javelin hit his armpit. He fell, and asked for his weapon. As mentioned before, he died.



Mikkel was noted to be one of Skandia's best warriors, said to be tall and lean, but hard muscled and contains the reflexes of a cat. His skill with a sword has been passed down to his son Hal. He is also fairly competent with an battleax, but is not as skilled as Thorn or maybe Erak.


It is assumed he is good at wrestling, as he competed to become Maktig, and it is noted by Thorn in the Invaders wrestling was a part of the competition. He was also noted to be the toughest opponent Thorn had faced, and it did not just say in Weaponry.