Emperor Shigeru

Shigeru who Mikeru adores

Mikeru is a Kikori teenager who appears in The Emperor of Nihon-Ja.


He is a Kikori, a member of the timber workers of the lower-class and is the nephew of the leader of a village in which Shigeru, Shukin, Horace and the Senshi take refuge in after Arisaka leads a revolt in Ito the capital of Nihon-Ja.

Mikeru becomes a guide for the group and leads them to the fortress of Ran-Koshi, there he takes it on himself to search for various passages through the mountains which surround the fortress. He discovers one which he shows Halt and Will which is later used to launch an attack on the rebel Senshi and Arisaka. Mikeru leads the group od dart-throwers utilized in the last battle.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Mikeru is described as being keen-faced and young, being around eleven years old. He is an amazing climber, having grown up in the mountains of northern Nihon-Ja. He is also very agile and discovers the passes which lead out of the Ran-Koshi valley.