Mihaly is the current Korpaljo of the pirate haven of Raguza. As Korpaljo, he has absolute power and authority (and is also pretty rich).


Mihaly hates it when people disagrees with him. He is a very dangerous man if you make him mad. He likes men who are straightforward and plain speaking. He also hates the smooth speaking Zavac and thinks he is a liar and a cheat.


He is an former experienced pirate whose career had taken him through the Constant Sea,the Sea of Rostov, through the Channel of Assarania, and to the Blood Sea.


He is a man with close cropped black hair and heavy eyebrows above his dark brown eyes. He is stocky and a bit below average height. However, he wears knee high boots with high heels to compensate. He has a broad war belt that holds two heavy daggers and a long curved saber.