Meralon is Ranger 27 of Norgate Fief in The Siege of Macindaw. He is an arrogant man, and both Will and Horace don't see how a Ranger like Meralon got put in charge of a large, important fief like Norgate. In the same book, he disapproves of the method Will uses to drive out Sir Keren and does not trust the Skandians. However, once he thinks it through, Meralon finds that he is happy with the solution. When Will reports to Halt and Crowley, they think about sending Gilan to Norgate fief instead. Later on, Gilan does end up getting assigned there. Nothing more is known about what happens to Meralon afterwards.


Meralon isn't the best of Rangers, and Will considers him a snob. He had grown too close to his Baron during his time at Norgate, which isn't something a Ranger should do.

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