Massaun was an enormous Tualaghi executioner who wielded a massive, two-handed, black-bladed sword, basically the Arridi equivalent of a broadsword. The sword was a little less than a meter and a half long, and had a huge brass pommel.

He attempted to use Horace Altman, Cassandra, Halt, Erak, Gilan, and Svengal to gain the crowd's support and praise by toying with them, using great weapon control to swing his sword close to their bodies, trying to make them cry for mercy, but to no avail.

When Yusal ordered Halt to be beheaded, Will Treaty shot Massaun in the chest, killing him instantly.

He originally wore flowing black robes, a black keffiyeh, and black pants. However, he went shirtless for the execution and had oil on his chest. He put up a great show for the Maashavites, twirling his massive blade in blindingly fast patterns. Horace later uses the sword against the Tualaghi, and gave it to Erak to fight the Skandian traitor, Toshak.