Marisi was a Genovesan Assassin who was hired by Tennyson to protect him and carry out his dirty work during The Kings of Clonmel and traveled with him for a time during Halt's Peril.


The Kings of ClonmelEdit

Marisi was hired by Tennyson as his personal assassin along with Luciano and Bacari at some point during The Kings of Clonmel. At some point during the duel between Will and Luciano, resulting in the latter's death, he and Bacari killed King Ferris by shooting him through the back of his chair.

Halt's PerilEdit

He fled Hibernia with Tennyson and a small group of twenty or so criminals. They landed in Picta and quickly made their way into Araluen, gathering supplies on the way. Marisi spotted Halt, Will and Horace following them while they traveled, and reported this back to Tennyson, who told him and Bacari to ambush and kill the three.

They planted an obvious trail leading into The Drowned Forest. Horace stayed behind with Tug, Abelard and Kicker while Halt and Will ventured into the forest, seeing through the false trail, but knowing they needed to spring the trap in order to eliminate the threat of the assassins.

Eventually, the two Genovesans had forced Halt to stay flat on the ground in order to avoid their crossbows. Will crept around them as they waited, focusing intensely on where they knew he was, but Halt jumped up unexpectedly and the two Rangers fired their bows. They both fired at Marisi, killing him and causing him to miss his shot, but Bacari managed to scrape Halt's arm with a poisoned crossbow bolt before fleeing on horseback.