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If one would survive the thousand horrors of the desert, awaits them the thousand delights of Mararoc.

Mararoc is the inland capital of Arrida. Its fortress lies two hundred metres higher than the desert on a high rock, while the city itself lies on the foot of the mountain. It is the city from where the Emrikir, the leader of Arrida rules. It is also the place where the Tualaghi Yusal is kept prisoner.

An old saying is "We starve while they grow fat in Mararoc"; spoken by the Maashavites and refering to the government leaders.

Route from Al ShabahEdit

Many caravans that come to Mararoc come from Al Shabah. If they want to make the trip, they first have to travel trough the coastal, rocky plains, and from there trough the real sand-desert. It is a trip of about 4-5 days.