Maeve is an innkeeper who appears in the Lost Stories: The Inkwell and the Dagger.


She lost her husband in the war against Morgarath and has since then looked after her inn located in Highcliff Fief by herself. Maeve gives Gilan some information when he comes to Highcliff Fief looking for Foldar. She tells him a bit about Philip, the senschal at Castle Highcliff when Gilan becomes suspicious about him.

She tells him how Philip used to gamble at the Swan Tavern but hasn't for some time, running up a debt against the other players. They didn't tell on him as not many people like the Baron including Maeve. She tells him where Phillip is going and it turns out he is going to Ambrose's house. She takes a liking to Gilan and develops a sort-of crush on him.


She is around thirty, attractive and has a friendly nature.