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Madelyn Altman or "Maddie"  is the daughter of Horace and Cassandra.  She is Will's first apprentice. She first appears in The Royal Ranger as the first female Ranger.


Madelyn grew up in Castle Araluen with her parents, King Horace and Queen Cassandra. She became the first female Ranger as a lesson from her parents.

The Royal Ranger

Maddie, a headstrong girl is apprenticed to Will Treaty in an attempt by her parents to teach her discipline after she continues to hunt in the forest after repeated warnings by both Horace and Cassandra. After months of training, Will takes her on an investigative mission.


Maddie is described as appearing like a younger version of her mother, with long blonde hair, with light green eyes.


Like her mother, Cassandra, Maddie is headstrong and determined. Her cushioned upbringing leads to her being a bit petulant and spoiled, but she soon learned from being a Ranger that she was in the wrong. She becomes caring and determined, shown when she donates a martin pelt to a poor farmer.


Maddie is especially skilled with the sling, just like Cassandra. She uses a different technique than her mother which is, she thinks, much better. She uses self-made lead balls as projectiles. 

In the 'Royal Ranger' she kills one of Jory Ruhl's gang members with it when he attacks her. 


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