Desert Village overview 8

After the battle, most of Maashava was ruined, but later it was rebuilt.

Maashava is a city in Arrida. It lies in the middle of the desert, next to one of the Northern Mountains.

Most of the houses are build loose of each other, but the older houses are carved out of the mountain in the north. The new houses are covered with the same white stucco used in Al Shabah. There is a medium-sized city square that is used to hold markets. About 500 people live in Maashava, but when there is a market it can be 800 people.

It had to endure raids from the Tualaghi every once in a while, but the Maashavites got used to it and learned to accept it.

Erak's RansomEdit

In Erak's Ransom, the Tualaghi under command of Yusal reside in Maashava. When they want to execute their prisoners, a skirmish breaks out and after the battle, which the prisoners, together with Halt, Will, Gilan, Horace, Cassandra and Selethen,  win, Maashava is rebuild.