Lord Anthony is the Chamberlain of King Duncan.

He is very keen on upholding the law and is very loyal to his King. He first appears in The Icebound Land and is present when Halt is banished, reading out the charges against the Ranger. He doesn't enjoy it, having respect for the Ranger as he is aware of all he has done for the country.

He appears again in Erak's Ransom at Halt and Pauline's wedding. When Pauline is stuck for an official role to give to the King she invents the role of Patron Sponser for him. Lord Anthony then expands on this role, saying to the King that the Patron Sponser must: "add an air of royal cachet to the day and provide the bride and groom with an expensive gift;" both Pauline and Halt are a little taken aback at that.

Lord Anthony added the last part to the role because he felt that he owed it to the couple after the events of The Icebound Land, and because he is an old friend of Lady Pauline.