Limmat is a large harbour-town in the disputed area south of Skandia, and probably independent. It is well fortified with a large palisade, two large wooden watchtowers and a massive wooden boom across the harbor mouth. There is a steep hill north of the town and a swamp on the other side of the harbor.

It has about 500 inhabitants and a large harbour. The most important building is the Counting House, in which the city council counts the tax-money. There is also a secret emerald mine in the hill behind the city, from which the city earns a lot of money. 

In The Invaders, Zavac and his pirates overran Limmat after they found out about the mine. They occupied the city with the help of other Magyarans and stole all of the emeralds. The Herons, Lydia and some remaining Limmatan soldiers (led by Barat) claimed back the city with the help of Svengal and his Skandian crew and the Mangler. Zavac fled with the emeralds afterwards. 

Lydia is from Limmat. Her grandpa got killed in the battle with Zavacs pirates.