Aloom was a young lieutenant in the Arrida Guard, under the command of Wakir Selethen.


He was one of the 50 Arridi soldiers who were to escort Selethen, Will, Horace, Halt, Cassandra, Gilan, and Svengal to Mararoc. On the way, the party was attacked by Yusal's Tualaghi raiders, and Aloom was left in charge of the soldiers who survived the battle, while Halt, Gilan, Horace, Cassandra, Selethen, and Svengal were taken captive. The survivors were put out into the desert, with no boots and only two skins of water.

Taking charge of the group of soldiers, he carefully rationed the water and attempted to help his men survive. Finally, Will and the Bedullin found him and his men. They joined them in battling the Tualaghi again, this time in the town of Maashava, in order to release the Wakir and his friends.

As the group took up positions in and around Maashava, where the Tualaghi were preparing to execute their prisoners. Aloom accompanied Will to infiltrate the city. When the attack began, Aloom would protect Will while Will protected the small, unarmed group of prisoners. Just before entering the town, Umar promoted Aloom to Captain in order to insure that all townspeople obeyed him during the attack.

Aloom was soon called upon to begin his role even before the attack began. A merchant they had slighted earlier, Saoud, had sold them out to the Tualaghi, resulting in three Tualaghi warriors discovering them while Will was getting into position. Aloom, though a superior swordsman, was wounded badly on the upper arm, another slash across the leg, and one across the forehead. Will, worried that Aloom would die without him, came to the rescue, dispatched the three Tualaghi warriors, and then upon Aloom's urging, raced back into position to protect his friends.

As the battle drew to a close Will returned to the side of Aloom. Seeing Saoud nearby, Will furiously tells him to find a surgeon, threatening to kill him if he doesn’t. Drifting in and out of delirium, Aloom asks if they won, and if the Wakir was safe. Will responds affirmatively just before Saoud arrives with a healer in tow.

The healer tells Will there’s nothing he can do for him, save for easing his pain. Wills nods, telling him to do it. Soon after, Aloom succumbs to his wound and dies.