Liam was a young observant Ranger apprentice in The Kings of Clonmel when Will was teaching him as a first year apprentice. He was reported dead in The Royal Ranger after falling from his horse and breaking his neck.{{Character


The Kings of Clonmel

Crowley asks Will to give Liam, along with two other first-year apprentices, Stuart, and Nick, some training during the annual Ranger Gathering, which he does.

The three apprentices look up to Will as their hero due to his exploits and the fact he is still quite young. When Liam and the other two are assigned a tactical exercise (which involves something similar to what Will experienced at the Battle of Macindaw) they all show their admiration for him by copying exactly what Will did and thus defying somewhat the principal of the exercise. Flustered, Will corrects the boys and shows them how to use what is on hand in a bad situation like that one. Will also coaches them in archery, tightening up their technique. 

The Royal Ranger In this book he has become a fully-fledged ranger with a fief of his own. It was revealed by Gilan that he had died.  Will discovers this was caused when his horse stumbled on a tripwire set as a trap for him. 


He has a mass of untidy, floppy red hair.