The Kyofu, which translates to “The Terror”, was a gigantic snow tiger that lived in the Uto Forest in Nihon-Ja. It killed several Hassanu, leading to their refusal to enter the woods. It was eventually killed by Alyss and Cassandra.

Description Edit

The Kyofu was an immense snow tiger, measuring nearly five meters in length, and Cassandra notes that it is much larger than the sand cats in Arrida. It’s coat was white was blurred dark stripes. Matching its size, the Kyofu is described as having massive teeth and claws.

History Edit

Before Cassandra and Alyss arrived, the Kyofu had killed and eaten seventeen Hassanu. Believing it was a demon, the Hassanu began to fear the Uto forest, where it lived. Some of the victims were killed while surrounded by sleeping comrades, none of whom heard anything.
White Tiger

A white tiger.

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja Edit

When Alyss and Cassandra meet with Lord Nimatsu, he tells them that the Hassanu, although loyal to Shigeru, wouldn’t help them, even if he ordered them to. He explains the situation, saying his people believe the Kyofu is a demon, though he himself is skeptical. Alyss offers to kill the Kyofu, with Cassandra’s help.

On the first attempt, the two girls build a platform in a tree. They tie a young pig to a nearby tree as bait. They had also brought several lightweight javelins and Cassandra’s sling to defend themselves.

Partway through the night, the two assume the pig has gone to sleep, as it has gone silent. In the morning, however, they realize the pig was actually killed by the Kyofu. Alyss then says it was a man-killer, as it killed a pig but didn't eat it, but rather kept circling the tree she and Cassandra were waiting in.

Realizing this, Alyss decided to use herself as bait, hiding under a large shield and allowing the creature to try and rip through it to get to her while she waited for a chance to stab it. Cassandra used her sling to try and kill the creature, but it took both her and Alyss together to kill it with both sling and dagger.

They bring the Kyofu’s body back to Nimatsu’s castle, where they are greeted by awe and jubilation. Lord Nimatsu declares the Kyofu dead, and the Hassanu agree to traverse through the Uto forest and help Shigeru.