Krall is a large, independent town on the western bank of the Dan. When sailing upstreams from the Stormwhite Sea, it is the first settlement encountered. 

General informationEdit

Krall has a U-shaped harbour taken out of the riverside, which holds a lot of boats and ships. Some parts of it are reinforced with stone. There is also a small toll wharf. The town also has a lot of taverns and inns, some of which are infested with criminals. There are mostly alleys and no wide streets, except for the avenue which runs along the waterside. 

Krall's inhabitants earn their living from the river traffic. Several things, such as canvas, timber and iron works are sold from the many stalls near the harbor and on the outskirts of the town there is also a rope manufactory. There is a small plaza in the middle of the town where every two days a food market is held. 

Krall is ruled by a (corrupt) town council. 

The HuntersEdit

When the Herons come to Krall during their pursuit of Zavac, they ask around a tavern for information. A Pegleg answers them in exchange for some ale, but when the Herons left the tavern, Vargas, who had been left behind by Zavac to buy ropes from the manufactory, silently murders Pegleg. 

Thorn decides to release Rikard in Krall, but Vargas sees it and thinks Rikard has betrayed Zavac. He kills him in a dark alleyway. When the guards find him, they also find some Limmatan nobles on his body. Because the Herons are the only ones in Krall who own those, they are questioned by the officer of the guard. When they explain their story to him, he lets them go.