Bedouin camp-large

A Bedouin camp, likely similar to a Bedullin one.

The Khoresh Bedullin are a major Bedulllin tribe, with about one hundred and ninety warriors in the tribe.


The Khoresh Bedullin wear white and yellow checked Keffiyehs, like all Bedullin, and their accents also mark them as Bedullin. They are inveterate gamblers, but accept their losses without complaint. Gambling is close to a religion with them. The know the desert well, and their knowledge is based on tribal lore, not maps and charts. They hate the Tualaghi and have great respect for Selethen, who accepts them and is very fair to them.

Like all Bedullin, they are a proud, independent people, and make great friends. The are very generous to their friends, and are great friends with Will.


The Bedullin appear to be modelled after the Bedouin Tribes of the Middle East, nomads who herd animals and guard oases. The word is really the English adaptation of an Arabic word meaning "desert dweller". However the Bedouin from Southern Arabia, though believed by many to be a people of horses, actually use camels as beasts of burden.