In the Ranger's Apprentice, the knights play a critical role. While the Ranger's are incredible tacticians, Araluen

Horace Altman, one of the more famous knights

would not be able to function without the knights and the battleschool . On the first day, a first-year student will be set to studying different sword strokes. Later in the afternoon, the student will start to train with wooden swords, and spears. A knight will continue this practice throughout their life. After a week has passed, the student is taken to the stables to pick out a battle horse. Students of the battleschool will study battle plans, but not in the depth of the Rangers . Students are taught to use all weapons, spears, swords, lances, bows, etc. The knights are taught to respect the laws, and be chivalrous. A knight is a dangerous enemy, many say that a fully trained knight, is more dangerous than even a ranger. Knights are usually tall with broad shoulders, and a muscular frame. A knight will form a strong bond with their battle horse.