King Oswald was the former King of Araluen. He was the father of King Duncan and the grandfather of Princess Cassandra


The Lost StoriesEdit

Not much is known about him as he was only mentioned briefly in The Lost Stories.  

In his younger days he was a good king, energetic and fair-minded but as he grew older and his mind became weaker he made the mistake of making a group of ambitious barons into his council who slowly began to take control of the country by manipulating in the King and taking advantage of his weakened state of mind.  

King Oswald was also convinced that posting his son, Prince Duncan, in a far corner of Araluen was the best thing for the country when in fact, it was one of the worst things as Duncan could have prevented the barons, Morgarath numbering among them, from having their way.

When he died, Morgarath unleashed a full-scale rebellion, starting the First Araluen Civil War, but the newly crowned King Duncan was able to gather an army and defeat Morgarath at the Battle of Hackam's Heath.