Ferris O'Carrick was the King of Clonmel and the younger twin bother of Halt. He tried to kill Halt at least three times when they were younger, by way of poisoned shrimp, falling roof slates, and drowning. Halt's parents turned a blind eye to his behavior, possibly because they felt bad that he would not be king because his bright attitude compared to his grim-faced older brother Halt. Only Caitlyn, Ferris' and Halt's sister, saw his treachery. He assumed the throne of Clonmel after Halt left the kingdom.

The Kings of Clonmel Edit

Ferris was rightfully surprised and slightly disoriented upon his older brother's arrival. He had originally refused Halt's plea for help, until Horace lured Ferris into his robing room and knocked him unconscious. Halt then impersonated Ferris and publicly denounced Tennyson and his ways. Ferris resumed his role as king afterwards, but not for long. Tennyson had him killed by a Genovesan assassin during the tournament between Horace and two of his henchmen. Ferris had changed his ways once he'd woken up and resumed his place as king, denouncing Tennyson which, for the first time, made him popular with the people of Clonmel.


King Ferris was identical to Halt, but their lifestyles had given them different appearances. Ferris wore his hair long and pulled back from his face by a braided leather band which served as his crown. He wore a short mustache and a goatee. His hair was dyed to make his appearance seem younger. He was slightly overweight and had filled in cheeks. He also could not hold anyone's gaze for more than a few seconds.

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King Ferris on the cover of the Kings of Clonmel


Ferris had essentially sold out his people to Tennyson and the Outsiders by the time Halt O'Carrick, Horace Altman, and Will Treaty arrive. He has trouble making decisions when presented with the Sunrise Warrior (played by Horace) as an alternative to the cult but decides he is more afraid of them than he is of his brother. Halt is powerless to change his mind so Horace attacks him and he is replaced by Halt for an afternoon. By the time he recovers it is too late to turn back.

Resigned to his fate he attends the duel at the end of the book, but is killed during the chaos at the end by a Genovesan assassin. He is succeeded by his nephew Sean O'Carrick.


Ferris is shown as an incredibly selfish and greedy person. He wants power and riches, and is also incapable of leading. He is so worried that other kings will try to overthrow him, that he misses the big threat. He is also a truly evil man, seeing as how he tried to kill his own brother just because he wanted to be king. In his final moments, however, he showed that there was some good in him, supporting Will claim's and repeatedly standing up to Tennyson.