Bordering Gorlan Fief, Keramon Fief is a small fief. The inhabitants of the fief are very concerned about their own fief. The Lord of the Fief is Baron Carrol.

Geography and Locations Edit

The Crowsfoot River forms the boundary between Keramon and Gorlan Fief.

Woolsey Edit

Halt and Crowley stayed in Woolsey, one of Keramon's villages, in the Tournament at Gorlan. It is at least 10km away from the border to Gorlan Fief.

The Yellow Parrot Edit

The local inn is called "The Yellow Parrot" and it is the only two-story structure in town. The taproom was described as being "a wide, low-ceilinged room". At one end of the room is a fireplace with a roasting spit. One of the serving girls is called Millie. The innkeeper's name is Sherrin.

None of the upstairs rooms has fireplaces, but the inn has an annex at the back that did. The annex is large and airy, contains two beds, two wooden armchairs near the fire, and a table with three chairs.

The stable building is high-roofed and clean.

Lendsy Village Edit

Lendsy Village is a day's ride from Woolsey, although it may take longer depending on if the streams are flooded and the bridges are washed away. It's to the north-east of Woolsey, and a few kilometres away from the border. Yorik is the headman of the village. His wife is Maeve.

The inn and several buildings were damaged by fire after the village was attacked by the Scotti.

Kirkton-Lea Edit

Kirkton-Lea is a village west of Lendsy Village.