The katana is the primary hand-to-hand weapon of the Nihon-Jan Senshi warriors.

Katana 1

A katana.


The katana is the primary close-quarters-combat weapon of the Nihon-Jan Senshi warrior class. It is a slightly curved sword, ranging from about three quarters of a meter to a meter in length, with a single-edged blade and a point that is offset to the back by the curve of the blade. The katana is forged with many of the same techniques that the Ranger saxe and throwing knives are made with, meaning that the steel of the katana blades is much harder than the steel of other swords. A katana can even slice through blades of lesser steel if enough force is put behind the strike. The scabbard is normally made of lacquered wood, and is easy to draw the blade from. The handle of the katana is normally straight, with a round tsuba crossguard.


The techniques of the Senshi are more flamboyant than those of the Araluan knights or the Arridi warriors, incorporating many spins and other such movements. However, the Senshi use the katana to great effect, so much so that the classes below them have never been able to mount a successful rebellion, even with outrageously superior numbers. Horace used a katana for several chapters of The Emperor of Nihon-Ja. The katana is the companion sword to the wakizashi, the short sword that the Senshi carry.