Jory Ruhl was a bandit and slaver leader in Araluen . He ordered an inn to be burned as a distraction to the law when he was being pursued, which resulted in Alyss Treaty's death. This made him the personal foe of Will Treaty and the main antagonist in the final novel The Royal Ranger .

Description Edit

Jory Ruhl was a tall well built man much like Deparnieux, but slightly shorter. He would have had a handsome face but his hair spoiled it because it was grey and not washed often. His eyes were a dull grey and they had yellow in them. He was very unnerving to have around. He was very cold to most of his henchmen except for Enrico and Anselmo, and only because they were clever and especially useful to him (they were only temporary members of his slave gang, told to help him by their Iberian captain).

The Royal RangerEdit

The first time we hear of Jory Ruhl, Will almost catches him, but Ruhl escapes across a river, leaving Will helpless behind him.

Later, Ruhl takes command of a slaving operation and designs a trap for the fief's ranger, Liam.  The trap kills Liam, resulting in Will's investigative mission there with Maddie/Madelyn.

Ruhl is later attacked by Will, but his gang overpowers and takes Will captive.  Will is about to be burned alive when Madelyn sneaks in cuts his bonds.  Ruhl throws a javelin at the girl, wounding Maddie in the leg, and then slips on the logsset up to burn Will, setting them on fire and himself in the process.

Skills and WeaponsEdit

Ruhl was an intimidating man, leading his followers through fear rather than leadership skills, but he was a good fighter.

Ruhl had an unnerving liking and skill at torturing people, usually though taunts. He was thought to be insane, but he was extremely clever, coming up with the Stealer in the Night scheme to steal children to sell them as slaves.

Ruhl knew how to use a crossbow, but his preferred weapon was the javelin, which is what he used when he tried to kill Maddie. Ruhl also knew how to effectively use a sword.