A Jongleur

are people who have talents in either music, comedy, tumbling, or magic tricks. They travel around the country performing for money at local taverns and inns. The presence of a jongleur ensures that a tavern will do better business, and the performer will also receive drinks, a meal, and a place to stay on the house. Will posed as a jongleur once while he was on a mission to Castle Macindaw to find the so-called Sorcerer. He also posed as a Jongleur in Hibernia, to get information in The Green Harper about The Outsiders. Jongleurs are welcomed with open arms everywhere they go, and they often make good money. In addition, a strange phenomena happens that, after an hour of performing for a group of people, a jongleur will be welcomed into their midst and talked to and in front of as if everyone had known him their entire lives. Being a jongleur is, presumably, a male profession.