Jesper (pronounced Yeh-spur) is a member of The Herons brotherband .

He is a skilled former thief, not able to resist a pick-pocketing challenge; once he removed a blacksmith's bracelet while talking to the blacksmith, as seen by Hal. He, of course, held it up triumphantly the moment it was off, to return it, but it is noted here another of his natural skills is the ability to go from zero to sprinting, as the blacksmith didn't exactly see what was funny.


The Hunters Edit

When the Herons were sent to jail, Jesper, who thankfully couldn't part with his lock picking kit, was able to pick the lock and escape. Also, Jesper is shown to be good at making sagas with Stefan at Skandian standards.

Slaves of Soccoro Edit

When Hal, Stig, And Thorn break Ingvar out of a slave market, Jesper picks the lock on the gate.


Jesper is not muscular as Stig or Thorn, though he is, behind Stig and maybe Hal, the best at Thorn's training, partly due to his speed, agility, and nimble-footedness. He is also a bit underappreciated by the Herons.


Jesper is always one to raise an argument, and it often gets him into trouble, particularly with Thorn related incidents. 


Jesper is capable of moving very silently and almost unseen, a skill that helps the Herons a lot.

Further Jesper can run very fast. An advantage, Jesper was a thief, so he can invade places and save people. He is also the standout, behind Hal and Stig, at the challenges Thorn makes while encamped at Shelter Bay, which they take refuge in after losing the Andomal.

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