Jerrel was one of a pair of gamblers from Aspienne Fief during the first war with Morgarath. His friend and partner in crime was called Kord. He robbed bereaved families whose men died in war, taking advantage of there no longer being a strong man to protect his wife and children. They also used two sets of dice (one loaded) to cheat others into losing their illegal dice game.

Jerrel and Kord would welcome a person new to their gambling group and try to cheat them by using load dice that would either be weighted to land fives and sixes or ones and twos. They would give the new person the one that could land fives and sixes first to get their confidence up, then switch the dice occasionally. They used this on Daniel when he first became a sergeant for Aspienne but he caught on and left the group, relieving the two of their loaded dice in the process.

After Daniel's death, Halt, trying to find out where Daniel lived, had Jerrel and Kord recommended to him by some other men in the black badger troop, due to the fact they were always asking questions, and knew a lot about many people. Jerrel and Kord wanted to size up possible victims whenever they could.

Halt disguised himself as a soldier and joined the two gamblers in their tent. After he made it appear that he was drunk on wine they plied with him (instead emptying it into a boot), he told them that Morgarath's army had stopped fleeing and they had to march to fight once more. Afterwards, while Halt was seemingly asleep, Kord and Jerrel deserted to rob homes deceased soldiers in Aspienne, starting with Daniel's.

Halt left a little while after them and followed them to Daniel's farm, where he heard crashing, yelling, and screaming. He ran inside and saw Kord or Jerrel threatening Daniel's wife, who was desperately protecting her infant son. He quickly stabbed Kord, and attacked Jerrel, But Kord was only foxing death and he grabbed Halt's ankle, taking the Ranger by surprise and throwing him to the floor, taking his last breath as he did so.

Jerrel was about to kill Halt when Daniel's wife attacked him, scratching desperately at his face. Jerrel stabbed her and she collapsed to the ground; Halt quickly finshed him off.