Jerome was one of the three second-year Battleschool apprentices who bullied Horace during The Ruins of Gorlan. After Halt informed the Battleschool of this, he was banished from the Redmont Fief along with the other two bullies, Alda and Bryn.

The Ruins of Gorlan Edit

Every day, he and his friends bullied Horace, causing Horace to lose focus in his goal and begin to dislike Battle School. One day, Jerome and his friends wanted to punish Horace and Will for "making it seem like battle school apprentices needed help from Rangers", but Halt stopped them before they got too far. Halt then told Sir Rodney, the Battle Master, about the three boy's abuse, and they were expelled from battle school. After the expulsion of the trio from Battle School Horace returned to liking Battle School and became a star pupil.