Jamil was a scout of the Khoresh Bedullin tribe. He appears briefly in Erak's Ransom.


Erak's RansomEdit

When Gilan was spying on the Tualaghi camp he was following with his friends, he spotted Jamil spying on the Tualaghi, but dismissed him as unimportant, not realizing who he was or what he was doing.

Jamil then brought news of the capture of Will's friends to Umar's camp and admitted that he had inadvertently led the bandits to his friends by failing to cover his tracks, thus leading to their capture. Will, who is staying with the Bedullin tribe, finds out and understands it was an accident. The Bedullin tribe then agree to help Will rescue his friends from the Tualaghi partially out of guilt from the fact that Jamil accidently led the bandits to his friends.