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Iqbal was a Tualaghi warrior, and also Yusal's elder brother.

Erak's Ransom Edit

Iqbal first appears in Erak's Ransom, where he fights in the skirmish in Maashava, and is captured by the Arridi. Almost all the soldiers captured by the Arridi were sentenced to hard labour near Mararoc. However, Iqbal is one of the thirty left behind and imprisoned at Maashava.

The Lost Stories Edit

The Bridal Dance Edit

Iqbal has escaped his prison and hires two Genovesan Assassins, Mordini and Serafino, to kill princess Cassandra at her wedding. The reason for this being that she had shamed him, and scarred his brother Yusal for life. Fortunately, one of the assassins gets caught and gives the Rangers information after Halt threatens him with one of the Assassin's own poisoned bolts. When this is told to Selethen, he says he will make capturing Iqbal a priority when he is back home in Arrida. It is unknown if Selethen succeeded.
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The Genovesan Iqbal hired