Ingvar is a large, strong boy, which would normally make him a valuable warrior. However, he was so short-sighted that anything over a meter in front of him was blurry. Unfortunately, that made him very clumsy, which made others, like Tursgud, bully him because of that.

Even though his sight is awful, there is no one stronger, so when accepted into the Heron Brotherband, his strength was quite useful. After the Heron Brotherband recovered the Andomal, he was beginning to feel slightly useless because of his eyesight. When they visited Araluen, Hal visited a goldsmith, and created an invention that he called "Spectacles" however, they are not like the ones we may use, they are turtle-shell lenses with small holes with which he would focus through and would in enhance his vision. He gets very excited when he first puts on the spectacles to see everything that he couldn't see. Ingvar is very strong, but quite intelligent, and very kind.

The Outcasts Edit

Ingvar is first seen when Hal takes out the Heron with Stig, Ulf and Wulf when Hal finishes her. When the crew is rowing, the Heron turned slightly because Ingvar is so strong, he is rowing with the strength of three people while Ulf and Wulf are on the other side. When the Heron sailed into the dock, a person commented on how big but clumsy Ingvar is. Sometime later, in the Brotherband selection, Ingvar is grouped with Hal, Stig, Wulf and Ulf, Jesper, Stefan, and Edvin.