Many different horses are mentioned in the Ranger's Apprentice series. Although the majority are Ranger Horses.

Types of Horses Edit

  • Ranger Horses: Ranger Horses were based of the Temujai's horses. They are mistaken for ponies more often than not, and are described as 'barrel shaped', and bred for stamina.
  • Battlehorses: Battlehorses are taller than Ranger Horses, and are trained at Horseschool.
  • Temujai Horses: Temujai Horses are stocky and heavy-boned. Halt 'borrowed' some and has yet to return them.
  • Pack Horses: Pack Horses are described as docile. They follow behind another horse carrying supplies, gear, and whatnot.
  • Arridian Horses: Arridian Horses are fine-boned and bred for speed, but not nessecarily stamina.
  • Plow Horses: It's self explanatory.

These are the following horses mentioned: