Hilde is an old woman who appears in The Roamers. She lived with the Roamers since she was a young woman. She was responsible for many tasks, usually manual labor of some kind. Unfortunately, she was maltreated and generally ignored by the Roamers, who would often kick, spit at, and hit her if she displeased them. 

Description Edit

Hilde is described as an old woman with long, unkempt gray hair. While living with the Roamers, she dressed in filthy rags, but was later given Alyss' dress. Her walk is described as a hobble, her eyes cast down and with a sideways, shuffling skip. As a result of the Roamers' abuse, she rarely makes eye contact. She often reflexively raises her hands to shield herself from physical abuse. Her eyes are described as colorless:

"...Hilde looked up at her through teary eyes, eyes whose color seemed washed away with age."


Originally from Gallica, Hilde was thrown out of her village after her husband died. According to her, this was because they wanted the farm and had no further use for her. She was then taken in by the Roamers. Although initially gratefully, she quickly began to wish they hadn't picked her up. Having to choose between staying with the Roamers and starving, Hilde ended up staying with the Roamers until she became very old. She tells Will and Alyss that if she tried to escape, they would catch her and drag her back, adding that "nobody wants an old woman."

Hilde states she is fed any scraps that aren't good enough for the dogs, and when Will questions her she accidentally confirms there are dogs that aren't kept in the camp. Realizing that they must be the dogs used for fighting, Will and Alyss offer her Alyss' dress and a job at Jenny's Restaurant in exchange for her clothes. Though confused, Hilde gratefully accepts. 

Once Alyss successfully infiltrates the camp, Will takes her back to a nearby village. Though not seen again, it can be assumed they later brought her to Jenny's.