Hibernia is, just like Picta, home to vast highlands and hills, but also forests and swamps.


Hibernia is an island west of Araluen. It is surrounded by water; the Strait of Hibernia in the east, the Endless Ocean in the south and west and the Western Ocean in the north. 


''Hibernia" is the Latin name for Ireland. It means Winter-Land, due to the distinct difference in climate compared to e.g. Britannia (England) or Italia (Italy). 

Knowing this and Hibernia's position on the Rangers' world map, we can safely assume that Hibernia is based on Ireland. 


Hibernia has a colder climate than Araluen, due to the cold winds from the Oceans that it blocks. This has as effect that there is a smaller variety of vegetation than in other countries. However, there are (small) forests in Hibernia.

Hibernia has no real mountainranges, but it does have high cliffs and large hills. There are also large swamps and lakes in the lower regions of the island. 

Thee aren't many large rivers in Hibernia, but a lot of small streams. All these streams make trade and transport through the country difficult. 


Hibernia isn't a unity, but is divided between six small kingdoms:

These kingdoms distrust each other, and although there isn't any real open war between them, they all sabotage each other. They all have small armies, but these exist out of millitias and levies which are rallied in case of war or Skandian raids.


The Hibernian culture is clearly based on the medieval Irish culture, but with clear bits of English culture in it. The Hibernians speak the Common Language, but with a heavy accent. The most consumed alcoholic Hibernian drink is Ouisgeah, a variant of whiskey.