Henry Wheeler appears in in the first chapter of The Royal Ranger under the alias of Henry Carrier.

He is stopping to eat while trying to avoid Will Treaty, who is hunting him with a burning desire for revenge. Wheeler tries to get a meal with the workers in the manor, but is forced to pay, as he is a visitor. Wheeler then sits down to eat, but spills much of his meal, nervously watching the entrance to the large tent he is in, hoping to avoid Will. 

The InnEdit

Almost eighteen months before, Henry Wheeler had been in the gang that worked with Jory Ruhl. Wheeler had been both present and part of the fire set at the inn in Anselm Fief where Alyss died. 

The WagonerEdit

Henry comes into a struggling town where the leader is giving free food to workers and villagers. However, as Henry is not one, he has to pay. The steward notices that Wheeler acts as though he is trying to avoid someone. Will appears behind Wheeler a moment later and lays his saxe knife on Wheeler's shoulder, telling him not to move. 

Wheeler first tries to lie and talk his way out, but, becoming desperate, fights back, attempting to kill Will. The Ranger, however, was too quick and struck back. Dropping his dagger, Wheeler fell on the blade and died. 
Burning bridge will

Will, who had been tracking Henry.