Healer's Clearing is a small village in the middle of the Grimsdell Forest in Norgate Fief, and lies close to Castle Macindaw. It is unknown to other people but it's inhabitants. The name was dubbed by Will Treaty.


The leader of the Clearing is the healer Malcolm. He lives there together with a small group of handicapped people, who were all chased away from their home-towns when they were young. He tries to keep it secret so that they will not be chased from their homes again. 

The Clearing lies in the middle of the oppressive Grimsdell Forest, and anyone who goes looking for it soon gets lost on the vast woods. Malcolm also uses other tricks to keep the people away, mostly optical illusions. 


The Sorcerer in the NorthEdit

In The Sorcerer in the North, Will goes looking for the Clearing when he hears rumors about strange things happening in the Forest. When he and Lord Orman flee from Castle Macindaw because of Sir Keren's treason, they go to Malcolm. He is able to heal Lord Orman and the Clearing becomes a base for Will. 

The Siege of MacindawEdit

In The Siege of Macindaw, Horace comes to help Will and Alyss, who has been captured by Sir Keren. He finds out about a group of Skandians nearby, led by Gundar Hardstriker, a friend of Will. They offer to help and together they reclaim the castle in the Battle of Macindaw. The Clearers are able to live on silently in their town.

Halt's PerilEdit

In Halt's Peril, Halt is poisoned by an arrow and gets paralyzed. Will and Horace take him to the Clearing, hoping that Malcolm can help. After a few days of treatment Halt is healty again.