Hassan is one of the Khoresh Bedullin tribesmen and a gifted horse rider. It is Hassan who rescues Tug when he finds him half dead from thirst, wandering the desert. He provides him with food and water so he can recover his health. Hassan later meets Will, who requests to have Tug returned to him. Hassan, obeying the rules of the desert, declines. However, Hassan agrees to race Will for Tug. Will would ride Tug and if he won he got to keep Tug. If Hassan, riding Umar's Palamino, Sandstorm, won he'd keep Tug and Will would teach him how to ride him.

In the race that follows, Hassan loses, but as a reward for how well he raced the Aseikh Umar gives him a horse, a blood relative of Sandstorm's. Hassan and Will soon become friends and Hassan accompanies the Bedullin to Maashava to rescue Will's friends.