Hallasholm Flag

The flag of Hallasholm

Hallasholm is the capital of Skandia. It is the seat of the leader of Skandia, the Oberjarl (currently Erak) and his court. Skandia's most treasured artifact, the Andomal, also rests just outside of the city.


Hallasholm has a long history of plundering and trading in loot. Wolfships left from here to plunder the coastal cities of Teutlandt, Gallica, Araluen (not any more due to the Treaty of Hallasholm), Iberion and even Arrida in the far south. The taxes on the loot the raiders bring in made the Oberjarls very rich. 

When the Temujai invaded Skandia, the final battle between the Temujai and the Skandians (and Araluans), the Battle of Hallasholm, was fought here. The Skandians won and after the battle the Treaty of Hallasholm was signed; this treaty confirmed the peace between Araluen and Skandia. Since then, Hallasholm also became a trading city, dealing goods with Araluan merchants. 


Hallasholm is designed as a typical coastal city. There is a large harbour protected by a mole, with lots of warehouses and storages to store the loot from the raids. The city itself is protected by a wooden pallisade with small watchtowers. 

The housing district contains small houses which are very close to each other; from the city's humble beginnings on it has grown mostly within the original pallisade. There is however also a large field in the middle of the city, the Common Greens. By law, every citizen is allowed to keep a few sheep on the Greens. 

Hallasholm is also the location of the Oberjarl's Palace. It is separated from the rest of the city by a separate pallisade. Outside is the small Oberjarl's Yard, with a few wells. Within its walls lies the Big Hall, in which the Oberjarl holds office. There is also a special storage in the large cellar.