Gundar Hardstriker is a Skandian captain, a skirl, and a friend of Will Treaty. His ship is called Wolfwill.


The Sorcerer in the NorthEdit

He first appears in book five when he is about to raid Seacliff, the fief to which Will has been assigned. After a confrontation in which Ulf Oakbender advises Gundar against attacking Will, an agreement is reached where Gundar agrees to abandon raiding Seacliff and Will gives him the supplies needed to make the difficult crossing of the Stormwhite Sea. Gundar and his crew receive five bullocks and ten sheep, and a reasonable amount of grain. The Skandians are camped in Bitteroot Creek during their stay in Seacliff. Will later offers them John Buttle as a slave with the intent of selling him in Skandia. Gundar happily accepts the offer.

The Siege of MacindawEdit

He appears as a major character in The Siege of Macindaw. Gundar and his crew are shipwrecked after travelling from Seacliff, and in the storm Gundar releases John Buttle of his chains so he has a chance of surviving the storm. Buttle then kills Ulf Oakbender and another Skandian, and escapes, leaving Gundar furious.

Gundar and his crew end up stranded in Norgate Fief, Gundar's ship, Wolfcloud, destroyed, and the crew living on the banks of the River Oosel. Gundar is depressed because he can't find a way out of the situation, with his ship wrecked and no way to get to Skandia.

Then, Will hears of them from one of Malcolm's spies and travels to meet them. At first, Gundar thinks that Will is a spirit, and is afraid. But when Will pushes back his cowl, Gundar recognizes him, with obvious delight. Gundar is delighted to see him and gladly accepts the job offer Will gives him and his men: sacking Castle Macindaw. Gundar plays an important part in the battle and kills Buttle by throwing an axe at him, just as Buttle is about to stab Horace.

The Emperor of Nihon-JaEdit

Gundar and his crew made a new ship called the Wolfwill, after Will Treaty.

He is responsible for transferring Halt, Evanlyn, Alyss, Will, and Selethen from Toscano to Nihon-Ja in The Emperor of Nihon-Ja. He has the first old design for the wolfship made by Hal Mikkelson.