Glendyss is a Celtic miner who appears briefly in The Burning Bridge.


Glendyss was a Celt miner who had been enslaved by Morgarath and forced to work on the bridge and tunnel spanning the Fissure. Will and Horace discover the man dying in the tunnel, having suffered large amounts of physical abuse as a slave; his face is matted with dried blood, he is covered in whips lashes and scars, and his jerkin is torn to shreds. He tells them that the tunnel and bridge are being used to ferry more of Morgarath's forces into Celtica. The boys, at the request of a dying Glendyss, carry him in to  the tunnel and allow him to die in the "out of light". They then place him at the back of the tunnel at his request. Later, Horace reports to Halt that he heard him groaning and after that, Glendyss was silent, suggesting the miner was dead.