General MacHaddish is the leader of the Scotti MacHaddish Calvary. It is known that he paints his face blue and like all Scotti warriors carries a dirk (a short and small sword) in his boot and a small shield. He aIso carried a large broadsword on his back. In The Siege Of Macindaw he leads a group of Scotti to Castle Macindaw, for he and Sir Keren had come to an agreement - Sir Keren would turn over Castle Macindaw to the Scotti so that Araluen would be open for them to invade. Will hears of this from Alyss, who is trapped in the castle, and plans, that the Skandians, would attack the Scotti from the back while he distracted them, Will planned on using the Ranger's reputation as an aid to this. Unfortunately, the Scotti were not aware of who the Ranger Corps were and so were not in awe or had exaggerated ideas of the sudden appearance of them. MacHaddish and his troops attack Will and the Skandians are forced to attack them rather than simply capturing them as Will's planned originally.

In the skirmish, MacHaddish escapes, and Will, having shot him in the right arm, pursues him with Horace and they find his trail and follow him. Horace distracts MacHaddish by blundering off through Grimsdell Wood loudly in the opposite direction to where MacHaddish is going and Will sneaks up on MacHaddish and attacks him whilst Horace doubles back. Unfortunately for Will, MacHaddish is a superb fighter and was still in possession of his dirk, and as Will only had his Saxe knife for he was unable to grab his throwing knife due to its cumbersome position in its hidden fold in his cloak, he was overpowered and MacHaddish was on the verge of stabbing him in the chest when Horace turns up and slams his sword pommel into his head twice, knocking him out.

They then take him back to Healer's Clearing and to Malcolm, who tricks MacHaddish into telling his and Keren's plans for Macindaw. He does this by pretending to be Malkalam the Sorcerer and with Trobar and some of his people working behind the scenes he creates and illusion of the Serthrek'nish, a feared demon in Scotti tales.