Foldar was one of Morgarath's lieutenants during his exile in the Mountains of Rain and Night. He was left on the run after Morgarath's death in The Burning Bridge and becomes a high priority target for the Rangers. He is mentioned in The Icebound Land, and appears in The Inkwell and the Dagger.



Morgarath, Foldar's former commander.

He was Morgarath's strong-willed second-in-command in The Burning Bridge and after the defeat of Morgarath's army, King Duncan makes finding Foldar the Rangers' biggest priority. The King explicitly asks Halt to track him down but that proves quite hard as Foldar has a fearsome reputation and several small-time bandits take advantage of this and use it to cause fear and rob travelers. Just before entering his banishment, Halt asks Gilan to track down Foldar in his stead.

Gilan does this, tracking Foldar down to Highcliff Fief and kills him as related in The Inkwell and the Dagger, using a double knife bluff to outwit Foldar and his accomplice, who turns out to be the Baron of Highcliff Fief.


Foldar dresses in a black cloak and has eyes to match, described as being cold and snake-like. He has a "posh" accent that is difficult for his hired impersonators to mimic, often leading to their cover being blown.



He is said to be an experienced swordsman, having fought in his fair share of competitions. However, he was defeated by Gilan in The Inkwell and the Dagger.