The First Araluen Civil War took place fifteen years prior to The Ruins of Gorlan.

Prelude Edit

Prince Duncan's father had become weak and decrepit and a number of lords in the royal court took advantage of this, playing on his mind and slowly taking over the ruling of the country. The lord in charge of this was called Lord Morgarath, Baron of Gorlan Fief. He was the ringleader and schemer, and had a large number of loyal Rangers convicted of treason and exiled because they were jeopardizing his scheme to take over Araluen.

King Duncan had been virtually exiled to a far part of Araluen so his influence was no longer felt in the court, which further led to the gradual hold Morgarath and his allies were putting over the ruling court.

This would have continued until Morgarath had full control over the country but for two Rangers by the name of Crowley and Halt. They traveled to the young Prince Duncan and together they formed an alliance and worked against Morgarath, ensuring Duncan was crowned King after his Father died, forcing Morgarath's hand. With a number of loyal and intelligent military strategists and barons at his disposal, Duncan was a formidable enemy, and Morgarath had to move quickly if he were to steal the crown from the young King.

He had been secretly raising an army of Wargals from the Mountains of Rain and Night, which he rapidly mobilized and moved through Three Step Pass into Araluen. The royal army intercepted them at Hackham Heath.

The Battle of Hackham Heath Edit

The Battle of Hackham Heath would be one that decided the fate of Araluen. The armies of Morgarath and King Duncan met at Hackham Heath, close by the Slipsunder River, and fought for five hours. Morgarath's army were on the verge of victory when the Ranger Halt lead a force of heavy cavalry to flank Morgarath, routing the Wargals in the thick mud and scattering them due to a deeply-ingrained fear of horses. Morgarath was forced to retreat and was exiled to the Mountains of Night and Rain with what remained of his Wargal army. In a battle fought after the main battle at Hackham Heath, Halt's life was saved by Will Treaty's father, Daniel, though he died in the process.


King Duncan remained unchallenged as King until fifteen years later during the Second Araluen Civil War, when Morgarath re-emerged from the mountains. The Araluen Army kept a close eye on Three Step Pass during the time between these two wars, though there was no activity until the second war.

After the Wargals retreated into the mountains, Halt tracked down Will's mother, who was attacked and killed by Kord and Jerrel, though Halt saved a newborn Will. He brought him to Redmont Fief and gave him to the Ward, where he was then raised.